Knižní novinka "Agricultural water management : theories and practices"

Rádi bychom vám představili zajímavou publikaci z našeho fondu Agricultural water management : theories and practices, kterou v roce 2021 vydalo nakladatelství Elsevier. Knihu napsala skupina autorů: Prashant K Srivastava; Manika Gupta; George Tsakiris; Nevil Wyndham Quinn. 

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"Remote sensing and Geographical Information System (GIS) are the two techniques that have been applied for the study of morphometric and morphotectonic properties of the different drainage basins. Morphometry and morphotectonic properties are important in geomorphology, which provide considerable information about the subsurface topography and earth surface structure. The study area is situated mainly in Aizawl district and some part of Serchhip district, Mizoram, which covers an area of about ∼102.66 sq. km. The upper Tuirial watershed is a sixth order basin with a total of 718 streams in all orders mainly in dendritic pattern type. The morphometric parameters reveal that the watershed is mainly low-water storage with capacity indicated by the Rho coefficient value. The watershed is largely controlled by structure and also characterised by the sparse vegetation cover, impermeable subsurface material and high relief. The data of significant morphometric parameters also reveal that the watershed is tectonically active and asymmetric in nature. The hypsometric integral indicates that the entire drainages area is in early mature stages of fluvial geomorphic cycle development." 

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